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One, September 1982, Component two, July 1983. eight. R. Whapham, Study for Control of Galloping with Air Movement Spoiler Preformed Line Products, May 1983. nine. Pohlman Many years Area Trials of Detuning Pendulums for Galloping Control IEEE Transactions on Energy Apparatus and Methods, Vol. PAS 103, No two, pp. 318 327, February 1984. 10. G. Dienne, R. Brand name, M. Tunstall, 1985, Encounter From Four European Areas Regarding the Galloping of Overhead Transmission Lines Paper 85E 110.two, UNIPEDE Athens Congress, June 1985. 11. PAS 104, No. ten, October, 1985, pp. 2879 2887. twelve. D. Langmacker, G. Stegemann, H. Streubel, on Higher Voltage Overhead Traces Stop Disturbances on the Electric Power Transmission CIGRE 1986, Session 22 08. 13. S. Sataki, M. Komoda, T. Akiyama, M. Oishi, J. Kojima, T. Okumura, X. Maeda, of Galloping Manage Devices and its Procedure Information in Japan CIGRE SC22 07, 1986. fourteen. Lilien, H. Dubois, Line Vertical Galloping on Bundle Configurations: Stability Criterion and Amplitude Prediction Proc., Int. nike air max 1 pas cher Conf. chaussure nike air max 1 pas cher On Overhead Line Style and Apply, IEE, London, pp. 65 69, Nov. 1988. fifteen. Tunstall, 1988, Research of the Galloping Instability of Natural Ice Accretions on Overhead Line Conductors Paper A9.1, Fourth Int. Conf. On Atmospheric Icing of Constructions, Paris, 1988. 16. G. Lawes, R. Champa, Years Experience with the Air Movement Spoiler CIGRE SC22 WG11, October 1989. 17. C. Schmidt, Galloping Check Website of VEW AG A Compilation of Collected Information CIGRE SG22 WG11 TFG, Rijeka, 1989. eighteen. H. Lilien, F. Dal Maso, New Concept for Overhead Traces Vertical and Torsional Frequencies Computation Revue Aim (Belgium) No 4, 1991. 19. Lilien, P. Pirotte, T. Intelligent, M. Wolfs, New Way to Solve Galloping on Bundled Traces CIGRE SC22 WG11, Task Power on Galloping, Montreal, Sept. 1993. 20. C. Pon, D. Havard, of Distribution Galloping Vol. one, Canadian Electrical Association Paper 196 D 367, chaussure nike air max 95 pas cher October 1993. 21. Havard, Trials chaussure nike air max 90 pas cher of Galloping Manage Devices for Bundle Conductor Traces Report on R D Venture 133 T 386, Canadian Electrical Affiliation, Montr March 1994. 22. CIGRE SC22 WG11 Task Force on Galloping, 1995, Observations of Galloping: Galloping chaussure nike free run pas cher Reporting Forms Electra, October, 1995. 23. H. Oura, T. Ito, Y. Suzuki, O. Fujii, of Stage to stage Spacer for 275 kV Transmission Traces in Hokka?do Electrical Energy Co., Inc. Electrical energy Convention, Canadian Electrical Affiliation, Vancouver Canada, March 1995. 24. Havard, Many years Field Trials of Galloping Controls for Overhead Energy Lines IWAIS 7th Worldwide Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Constructions, Chicoutimi, Canada, June 3 six, 1996 25. J. Thesis, Collection des Publications de la Facult des Sciences appliqu de l de Li?ge, No 151, pp. 1 227, 1996. 26. D. Pearson, T. Malone, Twisting Reduces Galloping Transmission and Distribution Globe, Might 1996. 29. K. Fujii Against Galloping Involving Overhead Transmission Lines Paper fifteen, Worldwide Seminar on Cable Dynamics, Tokyo, Oct, 1997. 30. Y. Fujii, T. Koyama, T. Sawamoto Against Conductor Galloping

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