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Recital by Robert Sigmund at the Grand Sminaire de Montral chapel using 3 encompass microphone pickups: a Soundfield ST350, a native B format assembly with AKG Blue Line microphones and a Zoom H2 portable digital recorder. Right here is an account of the recording session with pictures and audio samples. The OBORO workshop was aimed at giving individuals a historic and theoretical overview of Ambisonic surround audio and a demonstration of the hardware and software program manufacturing resources that can be utilized for Ambisonic. With out redoing the comparative surround recordings that took location in Austria and Germany in 2001 or redoing the comparative research in between tetrahedral array generated B Format and indigenous B Format, we thought that the introduction of the Zoom H2 transportable encompass recorder in September 2007 warranted some new comparisons. This time around though, the "best encompass microphone method for" criteria would not always be the main interrogation for the comparison, but rather if the price stage of every method is subjectively reflected chaussure nike free run pas cher in the timbre high quality and the directional encoding. The Zoom H2 is $two hundred (such as the recorder), the AKG Blue Line native B Format assembly is about $2000 and the SoundField ST350 is about $8000. It is important to remember that in the situation of the indigenous B Format and the SoundField, a recording method should be additional. The Zoom H2 has 4 cardioid capsules organized as a 90 front nike blazer femme pair and one hundred twenty back pair (240 from middle entrance), an arrangement reminiscent of the quad days of the seventies. A indigenous B Structure assembly has 1 omnidirectional and two determine eight (bidirectional) microphones to directly generate the Ambisonic B Structure. A SoundField nike blazer microphone has four cardioid capsules mounted as a tetrahedron creating an audio stream known as A Format: the SoundField control device must be used to change the stream to B Structure. Even though the Zoom H2 can be used as an USB audio interface, it's in the initial place a standalone recorder and it was used as this kind of: because the H2 was the lightest system, it was put on leading of the microphone stand. The ST350 was below the H2 and about 15 cm in entrance of it. The three meter cable that comes with the ST350 meant that we had to tape its control device to the mic stand and then run four line level cables to its nike free run pas cher france recording method, a Audio Gadgets 744T. The indigenous B Structure assembly was under the nike free run pas chers ST350 and about ten cm in entrance of the H2. The 3 mic degree cables out of this assembly were run to its recording method comprised of two Metric Halo ULN two audio interfaces connected to an Apple iBook G4 one.33 GHz with Mac OS X ten.4.10 and Steinberg Nuendo DAW. The 3 recording methods were set to 24 bit and 48 kHz. Robert Sigmund, organ. Featuring Hugues St Gelais, tenor. Aside from


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